O8 – Providing your baby with the best science and nature have to offer

O8 – Providing your baby with the best science and nature have to offer

Products that babies enjoy

We, at O8, just love babies! We also understand the importance of bath-time for the child-parent bonding. O8’s goal is to provide babies, and their families, with safe, mild and gentle products. Our products nurture the skin and provide it with much needed moisture while balancing the PH levels. We are using ground-breaking technology to ensure you receive the best our ingredients have to offer, including the Dunaliella salina microalgae present in all our products. This amazing algae is an amazing source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that help keep the skin moisturized and defend against the harmful effects of the sun, radiation and other environmental factors.

Ground-breaking technology extracts only the best from our ingredients to benefit the entire family

Dunaliella Salina

A source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

Olive Oil

Protects and calms the skin, while enriching it with vitamin E and minerals

Aloe Vera

A powerful ingredient capable of soothing the skin and hydrating it

Chamomile Extract

Calms skin irritations and increases scalp health

Provitamin B5

Assists with skin redness and skin rehabilitation

Shea Butter

Moisturizes the skin, helps soothe reddish and gentle skin.

Sepitonic M3

Energizes the skin


Protects and softens the skin

Castorbean Oil

Moisturizes and calms skin stress. Rich with vitamin E

Dunaliella Salina – The Wonder Algae

Dunaliella salina is a single cell algae that lives in the Dead Sea, and is considered one of the wonders of the modern-day cosmetics and medicine worlds. The algae contains the highest concentration of beta-Carotene found anywhere in nature. Scientific studies have found that this algae’s extracts improves skin metabolism, provides it with vital nutrients, retains skin moisturization even under extreme conditions, prevents damage caused by environmental factors (heat and radiation), and slow the skin’s aging process
  • Protects from solar radiation
  • Provides vital nutrients for the skin
  • Facilitates natural healing processes
  • Source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
I've started using the Bath Mousse myself, as a face wash and it did wonders. I bought the Shower Mousse for my daughter and started using it myself, as a face wash, and it did wonders. I was so happy to find out that some of the most famous cosmetics products use
It's a pleasure to discover that there are truly natural products! It's a pleasure to discover that there are truly natural products! As a father, is make sure my daughter has only the best products, which protect her and her health. Like any other new dad, we all want what's best for our children, even if it's expansive. But not everyone can afford it.

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Reviews on Amazon My son is 7 month old and has very sensitive skin. Generic diaper rash creams make me nervous. This cream is made with natural oils and Dead Sea minerals. I love the composition of the cream. Shelby