08 The story

The story of 08 is a story that will take you from the traditions of the Far East, to the science & technology powerhouse of the United States, and finally, to the shores of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, home to nature’s richest source of nourishing salts and minerals.

It began with one man – an American architect.

When he became a father, he was dismayed to discover that most baby care products contained harsh, synthetic ingredients. These products simply did not fit with his vision and values of family life, and they could not enhance his personal experience of caring for his children.
As an architect with many years of experience in realizing his creative vision, this man set out on a journey to create the kind of products that would love his children as much as he did. Products that were healthful, nourishing, balancing, soothing and safe.
He understood that the way to do this was to combine the best of the different worlds that had influenced his life. He took what he knew of the amazing power of Eastern medicine, the nurturing qualities of natural plant extracts and oil, and combined it with the world’s latest technologies, developed in his home country, the United States. Yet something was still missing. The extra element that would infuse the products with extraordinarily beneficial properties, making them perfect not just for children, but for the whole family as well. It was at the Dead Sea that he found the missing link.
The Dead Sea, or as we prefer to call it, the Sea of Life, has been a place of healing for thousands of years, and is considered the world’s oldest natural spa. Cleopatra, Jesus and John the Baptist were drawn to its salty waters and its mineral-rich mud. This is what 08 is all about – contrasting elements that complement each other to emerge as a whole in perfect harmony. Each 08 product is a combination of natural elements, modern science, and the goodness of the Dead Sea, the Sea of Life, for a healthy, effective and safe alternative for skin and hair care, for every member of the family.